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About Us

Fruitful Living, Inc. is a 501c3 educational, non-profit, multi-cultural corporation, established in 1995 to advance outreach services to the community. Our dedicated mission is to provide proactive and progressive education and training solutions to obtaining advancement and maintaining optimal health and wellness in everyday living.

We want to welcome you to Boom Source, our subsidiary dedicated to meeting your very important care provider concerns. We understand the uncertainties you may have about in-home care. We hope that your resource and information needs will be met as you walk through our website. 
Boom Source is a media/information service devoted to baby boomers and senior citizens, and the families who support them. Boom Source offers resources and information by-way-of a variety of channels.

Our goal is to provide information, resources, and assistance, helping you explore options and availability of long term care services, transportation, personal care services, respite care, and many other assistances needed when someone is in need of, or receiving on-going care.

The mission of Fruitful Living is to help incorporate information and resources on senior living, and our seniors’ contribution to our communities. Through inspirational content, Fruitful Living, Inc. celebrates seniors in our communities and invites readers and viewers to applaud the lives and achievements of this mature generation of people.

The staff of Fruitful Living, Inc. has a deep passion and desire to reach out and help individuals and families. Our primary goal is to make it easy for Baby Boomers to find resources and information for a parent or loved one.

The staff of Fruitful Living, Inc. has over 25 years of experience working with seniors, the developmentally disabled, and veterans; you can count on our expertise. Our staff is looking forward to meeting your loved one’s needs.

Social Media added to the Mix

Fruitful Living will establish and maintain Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ social networking sites. Our business directory will offer advertisers the option of creating a microsite within the larger site. Boom Source will also allow advertisers to post articles on its website. We will also have a professional page, which links to Facebook and Twitter, and even include videos and audio interviews that link with YouTube and our own upcoming internet radio station.

Inspiring Innovation-Building the Dream

Another of our goals is to launch a festival, Inspiring Innovation–Building the Dream, an annual Summer Festival. This annual festival will be dedicated to bringing the general public to our Introduction to Entrepreneurship. The festivals will include health and wellness information by way of dance fitness programs, as well as other pertinent health, fitness, and wellness resource information. This information-based event will incorporate a synthesis of music genres designed to lift the spirit, for the sheer enjoyment of music and the celebration of flourishing entrepreneurship and health and wellness. Inspiring Innovation–Building the Dream is designed to be an annual event that brings the citizens of each city together to celebrate a day of cultural and age diversity. Promoting the event in our unique city—Silicon Valley, the city of innovation—our new vision of an annual event like Inspiring Innovation will always be seen as the hallmark of each new year’s change. This event can be the platform for sharing our goals and achievements each year in improving our business growth and health and wellness as a community. A celebratory event will give the people of each city, something to look forward to and be proud of. This will be their event that celebrates the development of the spirit, soul, and body.

Book Publishers

In 2015, Take a Look into the Book Publishing began publishing select books. Are You Prepared, its first book published, is the story of a family’s struggle with their father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Ms. King, the, founder of Fruitful Living, Inc., is the writer and publisher, and the story is hers. Mrs. King, through her home care agency under the umbrella of Fruitful Living Inc., has served her community for over 22 years, providing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumentals of Daily Living (IADLs) to seniors, veterans, and the developmentally disabled in the privacy of their homes.

Boom source Housing Directory of Silicon Valley

Boom Source contains listings of all types of housing options for seniors. Housing types include Independent and Supportive, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite, and shared housing.