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Why make a donation to Fruitful Living, Inc.?

As America ages, the need to address how we pay for long-term care becomes increasingly urgent. A recent study indicates that one in five Americans age 50 or over may need long-term care sometime within the next year. Most of these Americans are ill-equipped to deal with the enormous costs; only one in four Americans can afford the costs of long-term care for a year. 

The majority of long-term services and supports are provided by family members, but the supply of family caregivers is unlikely to keep pace with future demand.

  • The incorporated report defines a “caregiver support ratio” as the number of potential caregivers aged 45–64 for each person aged 80 and older. The report uses this support ratio to estimate the availability of family caregivers during the next few decades.
  • In 2010, the caregiver support ratio was more than seven potential caregivers for every person in the high-risk years (80-plus).
  • By 2030, the ratio is projected to decline sharply, dropping to four to one, and is expected to further fall to less than three to one in 2050, when all Baby Boomers will be in the high-risk years.

As the present statistics stand, there will be more seniors needing long-term care services who cannot afford the costs than there will be families and individuals that can afford these much-needed services.

Fruitful Living can help by training unemployed individuals who want that sense of pride in helping themselves and their families. In addition, while supporting their families, trained individuals can provide care services to people requiring in-home, long-term care support. This builds community, provides a sense of pride, and helps bring individuals and families together on both sides of the spectrum of demand. We can make this happen, but only with your support. Please consider making a monthly donation to Fruitful Living, Inc. Your contribution will empower us to help a wide range of families in need.