Laughing Legacy

Life is funny, even — or perhaps especially — when it isn’t. Case in point, from the funny files of Marlo Thomas: “A friend of mine called me the other day and told me his mother had died,” says the 72-year-old actress. Thomas asked, “When is the funeral?” Her friend […]

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Dissecting Jewish Humor at 100

How often does an almost-centenarian land a new job? Recently hired to teach a class in Jewish humor at her alma mater, Hunter College in New York, Bel Kaufman has good reasons to keep laughing. It’s an indelible part of her heritage. Born to Russian parents in Berlin on May […]

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Anne Taintor’s Vintage Humor

Twenty-five years ago, single mother and frustrated artist Anne Taintor glued the words “intellectuals gone bad” onto a vintage magazine ad showing two glamorous women from the 1950s, launching a career that has led to her being described as “the patron saint of female frustration” and “queen of collage kitsch.” […]

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